covid-19 update:

Battleground Ranch is committed to keeping our players and staff safe. Our staff will continue to wear masks in enclosed areas . The check-in process is digital with minimal contact. We sanitize the guns and boxes between each game session. Each player receives a brand new headband. The entire experience is outdoors on 5 acres, melee range is active at 6ft and players are encouraged to protect themselves to the extent that makes them comfortable. 

Want to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG or Fortnite in real life?

A combat simulation experience on 5 acres that drops a player into a real life first person shooter video game.


Using IR technology players can shoot accurately at distances of up to 700 ft and upgrade to over 300 weapon emulations. Dozens of evolving game modes including Battle Royale, Domination, and Search & Destroy give players a totally immersive experience.


During games, players can find boxes for weapon, ammo, armor, perk and health upgrades. Players can also unlock advanced levels if they're up for the challenge.


Standard modes, upgrades and special events, there is guaranteed to be a mode for everyone. Click the link to check out the current available modes. 

Introducing Combat Archery

You wanted a way to inflict pain, we gave it to you. A 5v5 game of elimination. Dodgeball with bows and foam tipped arrows. But don't let the foam fool you, with 28lb regulation bows, it will leave a sting. 

Like discounts & supporting local business?

Go Local is the perfect program for you! Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial and support local businesses (like us!). Yearly memberships are $20 after that and well worth it if you enjoy supporting your local community and saving money (like we do!) Other businesses participating in this include Hula Hut, Lick Ice Cream, ALC Steaks, The Great Outdoors, and so many more.


A Tactical Combat Arena bringing video games to life. Next-Gen technology gives players an immersive experience with mystery boxes, weapon upgrades, and more. 

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