Battleground Ranch
brings your favorite shooter video games to life using the latest technology, to give you a one-of-a-kind immersive experience known as

Tactical Laser Tag.


Great Physical fun

Get out and enjoy working out without even noticing. Get the adrenaline flowing at Battleground Ranch!

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Video games IRl

At Battleground Ranch dreams become reality by bringing your favorite video games to real life. Every game mode you love is at BGR!


advanced tech

With the latest in cutting edge technology and software Battleground Ranch gives you a laser tag-like experience you’ve never seen before.

Take the lead, Battle your friends
and Dominate!


Tactical Laser tag 

is a 5 acre gaming experience that drops you into a real life first person shooter video game.


IR technology let's you shoot up to 700ft accurately using red dot sights. Guns can be equipped with over 300 different weapons; including melee weapons like flame throwers and man packed RPGs that deal splash damage. Start with picking your Character which determines your weapon class and the standard weapon carry. During the game, you can find boxes for weapon, ammo, armor, perk and health upgrades on the 5 acre battlefield.  


Game Modes designed like you favorite video games. Three Point Domination is played during the day as a fast moving battle. Search & Destroy is played in the dark as a stealth sneak attach battle. Limited run modes like Predator drop you in 80's action movies complete with our version of heat vision. Check out the standard game modes and the technology used: 


Combat Archery

You wanted a way to inflict pain, we gave it to you. A 5v5 game of elimination. Dodgeball with bows and foam tipped arrows. But don't let the foam fool you, with 28lb regulation bows, it will leave a sting. 

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